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GA4 Training: Getting Started With Google Analytics 4

Register for our free upcoming Google Analytics 4 training. Learn how to get started with GA4, differences between Universal Analytics and GA4. Learn the basic features on GA4 for beginners.

Ogugua Belonwu By Ogugua Belonwu 7 June, 2023
GA4 Training: Getting Started With Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is a tool that provides reports and statistics on website and app usage for marketing and business purposes.

On July 1, Google will retire Universal Analytics and replace it with Google Analytics 4.

Google Analytics 4 is a powerful tool every marketing analyst, digital marketer or online business owner must use and understand to reveal business insights.

GA4 training will give you a solid background to get started with GA4 implementation and use. It will identify the significant changes and explain the differences between UA and GA4.


What you will learn

What you will learn in this GA4 training

  • Get started and understand Google Analytics 4 and how it can help you drive growth.
  • Implement GA4 for your company
  • Drive value and learn how you can connect other tools
  • Understand the key differences between Universal Analytics and GA4
  • Migrate from Universal Analytics to GA4


Benefits of this program

  • Drive revenue for your company by properly implementing GA4.
  • Update your skills and get hired as a Marketing Analyst.
  • Implement the GA4 implementation for your company and request a raise.


Who is this training for 

  • Marketing Analysts
  • Data Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • Digital Marketers
  • Online Business Owners


Date and Time 

  • June 30, 2023, 12pm - 1:30 pm


  • Online


  • This training is free. 

How to join the training

Comments 4
Najib Abbas
I don't register
25 September
Babakura Mohammed Goni
Thank you have for joining this grouo
03 September
Muhammad Maina
I miss you day meeting pls how I can get ?
30 June
Ogugua Belonwu
Did you register for the training? If you did, you will receive an email with the recorded video.
01 July

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